4 Reasons to Switch to eStatements Today

Published Thursday, August 12, 2021

4 Reasons to Switch to eStatements Today

Tired of sorting through mailbox clutter every day? Looking for an easy way to lower your carbon footprint and help the environment? Switching to e-statements can provide solutions to both of these problems while still protecting your privacy and keeping your information secure.

How to Switch to eStatements

It’s easy to make the switch to e-statements. Follow these steps to switch today!

  1. Access your banking account on midwestheritage.com or through the mobile app
  2. Click “Menu” and select “Transactions” from the dropdown menu
  3. Click “Statement Delivery”
  4. Under “Statement Delivery Preferences” change your delivery method from “Paper Statements” to “Electronic Statements” for each of your accounts
  5. Read and agree to the terms and conditions, check the box and hit submit!


Perks of eStatements

Quick, easy access
By removing the time it takes for mail to arrive, e-statements give you a more up-to-date view of your account. With e-statements, you can access your statements immediately on your computer.

Improved organization
Say goodbye to trying to keep track of past statements and maintaining a confusing filing system. With eStatements, your current and past statements are available online, whenever you may need them.

Secure personal information
Switching to eStatements eliminates the risk of someone gaining access to your personal information through mail theft. Keep your information secure and maintain your privacy by accessing your statements through your private online banking account.

Lower your carbon footprint
We’re constantly looking for ways to become more sustainable and lower our carbon footprint. Switching to eStatements allows you to go green by cutting back on the amount of paper you use while keeping your information secure.

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