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Employee Benefits

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With the rising costs of healthcare, benefits are becoming increasingly important to employees. A complete and competitive benefits package not only helps attract top talent, but also increases loyalty and improves employee retention. Our team's experience and trusted relationships with national carriers and business partners have allowed us to develop best-in-class benefits solutions for our clients. From benefits communication to enrollment, implementation and beyond, we remove the administrative burden from human resources and are available for you and your employees day in and day out.

Benefits Solutions


Our team of benefits experts takes a comprehensive approach to developing benefits programs that meet the needs of your employees and align with your organizational objectives. We complete a comprehensive review of your total rewards package, identifying benefits needs and interests, budgets, potential gaps in coverage, and alignment of the programs being offered with your organizational goals. We work with you to assess any benefits administration platforms currently being used, as well as current methods of employee benefits communication and enrollment.

We have the unique ability, through strong relationships with numerous national carrier and business partners, to develop proprietary products and services. We partner with you to create a benefits program that supports your employees’ total wellbeing, and we simplify the complexity of benefits by giving your employees the resources they need to make informed decisions.

Even long after the sale, our representatives are available to you, and to your employees, every single business day. This is a key distinction from traditional brokers and a terrific time-saver for you. If your employees don’t understand their coverage or are having difficulty with a claim, your organization’s human resources and benefits professionals don’t have to troubleshoot – we do it for them. You focus on running your business, and we’ll take care of your employee benefits needs.

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Why Midwest Heritage?

Best-In-Class Service

Our Employee Benefits team is here every single day to serve your employees – from understanding the benefits and enrollment process to filing claims, and everything in between.

Tailored Benefits Solutions

We work with our insurance carrier partners to create proprietary solutions for your organization.

Experience That Works for You

Our experienced team guides the benefits planning process with the future in mind, so the benefits package you offer today can serve as a foundation for long-term growth.

Consultation Services

Tight labor market?

We can help your company stand out.

We understand that we’re in a tight labor market. That’s why bulking up your voluntary benefits positions you as a more desirable employer! We’ll identify gaps in coverage and areas of out-of-pocket exposure for employees, and evaluate alignment of benefits programs being offered with organizational objectives.

Having a hard time retaining employees?

Create a benefits plan they can’t resist.

We’ll take the time to better understand the benefits needs and interests of your existing employee population. This information will be used, along with a benefits budget based on employee wages, to create a comprehensive employee benefits plan that your employees can’t help but stick around for.

New plan but low adoption rates?

We take care of communication so your employees understand the value of their benefits.

The key to ensuring your employee benefits package is effective is through communication and engagement. By carefully communicating the value of the benefits being offered and the simplicity of the enrollment process, we can increase participation in your benefits program, which is a valuable tool in retaining talent.

No time to roll out a new plan?

Our team handles everything from enrollment to onboarding and beyond.

Once employees make their benefits elections, it’s important to help them understand how their benefits work. We’ll cover the creation and distribution of benefits materials not only during annual open enrollment, but year-round for new hires. We’ll also communicate any key messages your human resources and benefits professionals want to convey throughout the year.

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