Start Using Card Controls Today!

Published Thursday, February 23, 2023

Start Using Card Controls Today!

Your financial wellness is one of our top priorities. In order to give you greater control over your financial security, we’ve added Card Controls as a new feature to online and mobile banking. Learn more about Card Controls below and enroll today!

Not enrolled in online and mobile banking? Enroll today and start taking advantage of Card Controls and several other tools to help you manage your finances!

What is Card Controls?  
Card Controls gives you the ability to set alerts, allow or block types of transactions, set limits on purchases, create travel restrictions both domestically and internationally and request a new debit card due to a lost or stolen card.

Who can use Card Controls?  
Anyone who currently uses consumer online and mobile banking with a debit card. This does not include individuals who use Business online banking.

How do I enroll in Card Controls?  
When logging into online and mobile banking, select Card Controls from the menu and choose the Card Controls feature to register. This gives you the option to select which cards you would like to be enrolled in Card Controls and your preferred alert method. After you make your selections, select Enroll Cards and you can now begin your Card Controls experience.

What features are available in Card Controls? 

  • Reporting a Card as Lost, Stolen or Fraud: If your card is lost, stolen or subject to fraud, you have the ability to immediately disable your card and request a new card number with a new expiration date.
  • Card Controls Management
    • Spending: Set a customized limit that no transaction can exceed
    • Locations: Choose whether or not to allow international or regional transactions.
    • Transaction Types: Choose which transaction types to allow from categories such as eCommerce Mail/Phone Order, recurring transactions, ATM transactions and in-store transactions. Please note that transaction types are not determined by Midwest Heritage.
    • Merchant Types: Only allow transactions from certain types of merchants. Categories include department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and more. Please note that merchant types are not determined by Midwest Heritage.
  • Alerts: Set up alerts if transactions exceed a customizable limit, or for certain merchant types, transaction types or locations.
  • Travel Notifications: Notify Midwest Heritage of your travel plan(s) so your card is ready to travel with you. Please allow 4 hours during normal business hours for your travel to be notated.

Is there any additional fee to use Card Controls? 
No, Card Controls is a complimentary service provided by Midwest Heritage, however, card replacement fees may apply.

How do I turn my card on/off?  
Card Controls can be accessed through your Midwest Heritage mobile app or desktop browser. From the main menu, you can select the Card Controls feature where your eligible cards will be displayed. From this screen, you are able to enable or disable your card. You can also select the card image to enable or disable your card. Please note, your card will not work if you select to disable it. This feature does not order you a new card, ordering a new card can be completed by selecting the Lost, Stolen or Fraud feature.

Why would I want to turn my card status to off? 
If you misplace your card or suspect fraud, switching your card off in Card Controls immediately turns your card off to avoid further transactions. If you find your card, you can instantly turn it back on.

If I turn my card off, will it turn off every card linked to my account? 
No, Card Controls are specific to each individual card.

What do I do if I suspect fraud? 
Report your card as being subjected to fraud by selecting the Lost, Stolen or Fraud feature in Card Controls. You will then need to contact us at 800-782-0521 to dispute your transactions that are suspected of fraud.

How long does it take for my Card Control or alert setting to take effect? 
Changes to your card status and new alert settings take effect immediately.

Can I create a new PIN using Card Controls?  
No, you will need to contact Customer Care at 800-482-9821 to request a new PIN.

How do I ensure my transactions won’t be declined when traveling? 
Navigate to Travel Notifications under Card Controls. A Customer Care representative will reach out within four normal business hours to verify your travel notation.

How do Card Controls work with a joint account? 
Card Controls are set based on the individual card number issued to each card holder. When you access Card Controls, only the card issued to you will appear.

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