Theresa Allsup Recognized for Outstanding Achievement Award

Published Friday, December 9, 2022

Theresa Allsup Recognized for Outstanding Achievement Award

At the 2022 Annual Subsidiary Stockholders meeting, Theresa Allsup, Vice President, Retail Sales Manager, was one of five Outstanding Achievement Award winners from the Hy-Vee subsidiaries this year.

Theresa started with Midwest Heritage in 2016. In her role, she oversees all Midwest Heritage retail locations, both stand alone and in-store, as well as the Customer Care team. These two areas are extremely important to the company as they are the face of Midwest Heritage, whether you are coming in to do a transaction in-person, drive-up, calling into the officer, or reaching out through chat or email. Theresa is responsible for mentoring many employees that started in Customer Care and moved on to bigger roles in other departments.

Theresa has been married to her husband Dave for over 25 years. They have twins, Jessica and Blake. She is also the proud grandmother of 4 grandsons with another due in December. In her free time, Theresa enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading, traveling, and watching college sports to support all the Iowa teams, especially the Hawkeyes.

Chairman, CEO, and President of Midwest Heritage and vice president, Hy-Vee, Tony Kaska said, “Theresa is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of banking. She has to train employees on a variety of services and does an outstanding job with all of it. Theresa is extremely patient and continually works to develop our employees. Last year, turnover was significantly higher, and Theresa stepped up and led by example. She was in offices doing teller transactions, assisted with audits, took loan applications, and focused on recruiting and training employees so they could continue to assist new employees during onboarding. Theresa has the right mindset, stays focused, and will do whatever it takes to help her team and customers. Theresa is a great role model, and she gives 110% every day.

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