Veterinary Practice Loans

Veterinary Practice Loans

Your Veterinary Practice Loans Provider

Whether you’re looking at buying a veterinary practice or ready to build your own, we have customized lending solutions to meet your specific needs. While you have the experience in healing and treating furry friends, Midwest Heritage offers you our expertise in lending and building businesses. Our experienced lenders will also guide you through the entire process of financing a veterinary practice and to determine the veterinary practice loan that’s right for you.

We work with all types of professionals in the veterinary industry, so no matter your specialty, we are committed to helping your practice thrive. We are your financial partner with the knowledge and experience to help you meet your financial goals and build your practice. Get in touch today to learn more about all that Midwest Heritage has to offer.

The Midwest Heritage Difference


We understand that not all businesses are the same. As a local lender, we’re able to get to know your business to make timely decisions on your borrowing needs.

Speed to Market

In today’s world, timing is everything. Our entire commercial team strives to exceed customer expectations when it comes to the speed of communication and loan closing.

Versatile Solutions

Whether you’re looking to expand your business or build one from the ground up, we have a variety of lending solutions to meet your needs.

Flexible Financing

Once we’ve gotten to know your business, we’re able to offer flexible financing options for commercial loans and to think outside of the box to meet your needs.

Meet Our Lenders

Our lenders specialize in practice finance and can share their expertise in offering flexible financing to make your goals happen.

Veterinary Practice Loan FAQs

Getting a business loan doesn't need to be complicated when you work with an experienced lender. First, you should evaluate what kind of loan you need by figuring out where your finances are. Decide how much money you will need to get going or enhance the company.

Next, you will need to talk to one of our lenders. They may ask you to provide financial info and business documentation. This helps our credit team see what you can qualify for. Your lender is your point of contact through the process from application to closing.

When wanting to get a business loan it is important to prepare 2-3 years of personal/business tax returns, associated K-1s and a recent personal financial statement. Additional documentation may be required depending on the type of loan/business. Your lender will walk you through the process.

While not common, it is possible with the right credit score, financing structure or other forms of collateral to execute a loan with no cash down. If you have questions on whether or not you qualify, how much money the down payment on your loan would be or if you need a down payment, we would love to meet with you to talk further about your business and how we can make it as successful as possible.

Typically, anywhere from 640 and above is what you will need for a business loan. However, your credit score is only a small piece of our evaluation process. We take a look at your business history, needs and other information to determine what we can offer your business. If we can't offer you a business loan, we can sit down and figure out other solutions that can help your business thrive.

We do more than Lending.

Products offered by Midwest Heritage Insurance Services are not insured by the FDIC or any other Federal Government Agency, are not a deposit or obligation of, or guaranteed by Midwest Heritage, may involve investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested, and may lose value.